I'm Shawnee and I have teenage problems just like you. Cut free since 02/15/13
deprimiertundkalt asked: wow, dein tumblr ist so schoen, genauso wie du! es ist wirklich so schoen geworden, wie du dich ausdrueckst!


Danke! sch├Ątzen (:

jowduk asked: I don't believe that you are fine just by looking at your recent reblogs but if you say you're fine then let's just go with that ^.^


Well I’m both happy and sad. But I’m fine, right now. Thanks!

jowduk asked: Hi there, just wondering if you're okay.. i know you don't know me but what is stopping me from making sure people are doing okay and stuff ^___^


I’m fine, really. Actually I’m a bit under the weather as of late…but that’s about it recently. Thanks for the interest(: I appreciate it!

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