I'm Shawnee and I have teenage problems just like you. Cut free since 02/15/13
dontopenthecurtains asked: Thankyou for running this blog it seems it gives a lot of people hope through something that could alter the way many of us live today. I've Barried two of my friends over something like this and nothing good comes from it but regret and sadness. Thankyou for giving hope to those without


I appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much. Im glad i can help others through their hard times! thank you (:

deprimiertundkalt asked: wow, dein tumblr ist so schoen, genauso wie du! es ist wirklich so schoen geworden, wie du dich ausdrueckst!


Danke! sch├Ątzen (:

jowduk asked: I don't believe that you are fine just by looking at your recent reblogs but if you say you're fine then let's just go with that ^.^


Well I’m both happy and sad. But I’m fine, right now. Thanks!

jowduk asked: Hi there, just wondering if you're okay.. i know you don't know me but what is stopping me from making sure people are doing okay and stuff ^___^


I’m fine, really. Actually I’m a bit under the weather as of late…but that’s about it recently. Thanks for the interest(: I appreciate it!

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